Deep Cleaning Special

Deep Cleaning Special

Deep Cleaning Special
sales tax included

For a truly thorough cleaning experience, consider my Deep Cleaning Special, priced at $225, which includes sales tax and an additional $35 fee per additional 500 square feet. This comprehensive package goes above and beyond my Basic Residential Clean to ensure every corner of your home is immaculate.

With the Deep Cleaning Special, you can expect all the services included in the basic residential clean, such as meticulous dusting, sanitization of light switches, countertop wipe-downs, and bathroom cleaning. But that's not all.

I take it a step further by offering spot cleaning on walls and doors, wiping the fronts and tops of the refrigerator and dishwasher, and ensuring the top of your stove is spotless. The exterior of the stove knobs, and hood are cleaned to perfection. (I ask that if you'd like the sides of the refrigerator or stove wiped down that you have the appliance pulled out prior to my arrival) The interior of the oven is wiped out. The interior and exterior of the microwave is also given special attention as well.

For a truly deep clean, I perform a thorough scrub on your tub and shower, hand-wash baseboards and trim, and meticulously clean the fronts of all cabinets. If you have tile and grout that require extra care, there is an additional fee starting at $79 for steam cleaning. 

For clients with pets, I'm pet-friendly! However, there is a small $25 additional fee for clients with cats or dogs. To ensure their safety and comfort, I kindly request that pets be kept in an area that is not being serviced during the cleaning.

With my Deep Cleaning Special, you can enjoy a home that not only looks clean but feels refreshingly pristine in every corner. Trust me to deliver exceptional cleanliness and attention to detail, leaving your home in its best possible condition.

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